In the operation of media advertising screens, we often face the following challenges:

How to quickly change the content of advertisements, real-time monitor the operation of the screen; how to ensure the normal operation of the LED screen to bring higher returns on investment; how to achieve multi-screen cluster control and the unified release of advertisements; how to ensure the high-quality display effect of the screen.

WANGLIANG has been focusing on the development of advertising industry to provide professional solutions for customers.

Equipped with photosensitive control system, induction of external light, automatic adjustment of brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. High refresh rate and high grayscale, the picture is lifelike to meet the high visual quality requirements. All weather broadcast ads, easy to replace content. It supports network control function, and can control multiple screens at the same time and change advertising contents at any time. Equipped with environmental monitoring system, at any time and anywhere to master the operation of the display. Software can be used to switch the display screen on time to achieve unattended function.


Extensive and profound publicity effect

WANLIANG outdoor advertising solutions with high brightness, powerful color restore ability, perfect picture quality, can quickly and widely focus people's attention, thus helping enterprises and governments to achieve publicity results.


High return on investment

WANLIANG outdoor advertising solutions have the advantages of high quality display effect, fast and convenient control system, superior quality, low power consumption, 10 years of life and so on, which can bring very high return on investment for major advertisers.


Integrated digital broadcasting and control

WANLIANG optoelectronic outdoor advertising solutions are equipped with powerful control systems, through advanced cloud technology to achieve "one-button control multi-screen" function. Cost savings for advertisers, leaseholders and other enterprises.



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