Hotel / company conference room / lobby / exhibition hall LED display scheme

At present, the modern hotel has set catering, business, entertainment as one, with rich regional division: conference hall, lobby, restaurant, guest room, fitness center, etc., through a reasonable multi-media terminal distribution in different locations, can help customers timely access to information. WANLIANG can provide the following application plans for hotels lobby area, conference hall and other places.



Application of multimedia touch screen in hotel lobby area

Touch screen is placed in the lobby of the hotel so that guests can understand the room environment without entering the room. The Hotel catering, entertainment and other ancillary settings are very helpful to publicize and display the image of the hotel.



Professional display applications in public areas such as hotel lobby

Hotel lobby: install professional LED display, release Hotel promotional film, daily banquet information, weather forecast, news information, foreign exchange rate and other information;

Elevator entrance: erect and install high-resolution and high-definition professional display, adopt suitable hall decoration color design, appear more noble and elegant, mainly used to publish banquet guidance information, Hotel promotional films, customer publicity materials, etc.

Banquet hall doorway: Install professional display in each banquet hall doorway, adopt wall hanging or marble hole embedded wall way installation, release daily banquet hall meeting information, broadcast guidance information, conference banquet theme, calendar, greetings, etc.

Restaurant: professional display is installed at the entrance of each dining room, with embedded installation mode. According to the broadcast time, the program can be set up to broadcast the welcome words, special dishes, promotional activities, wedding banquet and other information.

Application of large screen display equipment in hotel conference room area

At present, the large-screen display system in the hotel industry mega-conference rooms, multi-functional rooms have been more and more applications, by installing large-screen high-definition y LED screen or LCD splicing wall,to display a variety of pictures, improve the quality of the meeting.

By installing a large screen display system in the hotel conference room, you can achieve:

Ordinary meeting function: The computer display output of the participants is connected to the information panel of the desktop, and after switching through the image processing system, the contents of the computer graphics, text, tables and video images of the participants are transmitted directly to the large screen display in real time.

Report meeting function: After switching the report workstation KVM or mobile notebook display output to the matrix/image processing system, the report workstation KVM graphics, text, tables and video images are transmitted directly to the large screen display in real time.

Training Speech Function: After the speaker's interactive writing speech system display output connected to the matrix / image processing system switching, the speaker's computer (KVM) graphics, text, tables and video images and other content are transmitted directly to the large screen display in real time.

WANLIANG provides LED Screen solution to conference room, which is a networked multi-screen display control system, mainly composed of display unit, signal processing unit and central control management software. Users can flexibly open multiple windows on the video wall, customize the size of the window, set the display size, fill the display content arbitrarily, and expand the window to the entire video wall arbitrarily, so as to realize the display requirements as wish.





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