Types Of Outdoor LED Display to Use in Your Store

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As a store owner, you will want your customers to know about your offers and products.

What can be a better way than advertising with LED displays?

These shiny lightboards can attract eyes from a distance. However, you cannot choose an electronic message board randomly but be careful to choose the one which can benefit you the most.

There are several factors to consider before you can make the purchase decision. Depending on the location of your store, advertising needs, target market, and the type of product or service you are advertising, you have to pick the right outdoor LED display. To make the decision easier, we have picked the best type of outdoor LED displays you can opt for your business.

Types of Outdoor LED Display for Retail Store

1. Monochrome or single color ccrolling LED display 

You might have seen these LED message boards often at small business settlements. This kind of outdoor LED display is suitable for you if you want to explore the benefits of LED technology for marketing and advertising without spending a fortune. These are the most basic type of LED displays that can deliver short animated text messages that you can control and update depending on your marketing needs. These displays are available in single color, usually fluorescent red.

There is a remote single color outdoor LED display model available that comes with preloaded images and animations that you can set up at isolated spots to advertise your business.

2. LED signs and signboards

A more dynamic variant of the above version of outdoor LED display, these displays can be controlled to play videos, create animations or display a hot selling or new product in the store. Also, these LED signboards are designed with smarter technology that makes them 80% more energy-efficient than classic neon or fluorescent light signs. The moving content on these signs is more likely to attract much attention from customers in your store.

3. Billboards

The most common outdoor LED video wall you might see on the roofs of most central buildings are the billboards. Usually, big brands are seen advertising through LED billboards but if you have enough budget, you can get your own custom-sized billboard designed by a LED display supplier. Billboards are distinctive from other outdoor LED displays in that they can play videos which were until recently impossible.

Due to the high-quality video and incredible visibility these LED displays offer, most stores with a budget choose these kinds of displays but in smaller sizes. The billboards are designed to operate 24hours a day and be visible in any weather condition. This is why these outdoor LED displays are designed to have a long lifespan.

4. LED street furniture

A comparatively newer star of outdoor advertising is the LED street furniture. These are usually seen in marquees and are capable of playing high-resolution images. These LED displays have reduced pixels integration that ensures good visibility over a short distance. As compared to billboards and monochrome displays, LED street furniture can achieve closer proximity with the passer-by. These types of LED displays are excellent for stores as they can be placed in spaces where potential customers are more likely to wait for a while.

How to choose the right LED display for your store?

Now that you know what types of outdoor LED displays are available that you can use in your store, pay attention to how to choose the right display.

Consider environmental factors

Outdoor LED displays have to offer good visibility in long distances. Also, they should be rain-proof and capable of withstanding extreme heat or cold. Another factor is brightness. The outdoor LED displays must be clearly visible even in sunlight. Usually, LED displays with a matte finish are better than glossy screens.

Choose the right size

The bigger the LED display, the more attractive the content will look. However, when buying an outdoor LED display for your store consider the distance at which people will see the display. For stores, usually LED displays with higher resolution are better as they produce high-quality images, animations, and videos over a smaller distance. If your store has a large space then you can go with LED displays starting at 45 inches.

Know about maintenance

Ask your LED display supplier about the maintenance and repair in the event of a malfunction or damage. Most outdoor LED displays are highly durable, but it helps to buy from a supplier who provides buyer-friendly maintenance services.

Advertising with LED displays in your store can be stellar to push new products or tell your customers about offers. Just keep in mind to choose the type of outdoor LED display that will best suit your advertising and marketing needs.



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