Types of Outdoor LED screens

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Long gone are the days when the outdoor LED display was only used as an advertising medium. Today, these screens are a trendy popular media to publish events and all types of information to the public.

Why outdoor LED screens are so popular? 

The growing popularity of outdoor rental LED displays can be attributed to the stunning quality of pictures and colors. These screens are a marvel of engineering capable of producing the best quality images with high contrast and depth. Contrary to other media LED screens generate such appealing quality of images that it almost doubles the engagement of the onlookers. Another reason why outdoor LED display is popular is the logistics involved. The modern LED screens are highly modular and occupy a lot less space.

Also, as LED screens can be customized in size or operation, they are massively popular for public events. You can ask any LED display supplier to make displays that are suited for your particular need no matter how complicated it might be.

There are several kinds of screens and you can choose the right one depending on your requirements. To make choice easier here we list the types of outdoor LED screens you can purchase.  

Type of outdoor LED screen

1.       Billboards

The most popular style for outdoor advertising is the billboards. You may have seen them on the roofs of the most central buildings. Due to their impressive brightness and image quality, LED billboards are the preferred medium to advertise for most big brands. Billboards are made from individual LED screens joined together. Due to their marvelous engineering, these outdoor LED displays are highly energy-efficient utilizing 80% less electricity than most other advertising mediums.

Also, LED billboards can play videos seamlessly which is almost impossible with other advertising mediums.

2.       LED street furniture

If you have been to any mall, shopping complex, or commercial space, you must have seen LED street furniture. Another high-quality advertising medium, LED street furniture is a more personalized way to publish. Such LED screens have high visibility due to the reduced pixel integration that produces high-resolution images making them even visible under bright sunlight.

One of the main reasons to invest in LED street furniture is the fact that you can keep them at places where the potential customers are most like to wait. While anyone can use such LED displays, such screens are mostly used by leisure and catering businesses and grocery stores.

3.       Advertising banners

Remember the time when businesses used to put a static image or print media as advertisement banners at a certain height. But today, LED advertisement banners have replaced them as they can produce more capturing messages with animations and videos. Not only you can advertise using these banners, but you can also display useful information to your customers such as time, temperature, and important news. With the advancement of technology, you can get customized LED advertisement banners designed by any LED display supplier. You can get them made in any shape, size, or design.

4.       LED signs and signboards

LED signs and signboards are a variant of advertisement banners that are essential for any retail business. If you run a local store with limited space for putting up large banners, you must invest in such outdoor LED displays. They are much more dynamic than print media, take a lot less space, and can last for decades. These signboards give freedom to play videos, create animations, and even display store-related information like outstanding products and new arrivals. You can save a lot on electricity bills as well because LED signs are 80% less energy-consuming than the classic neon or fluorescent light sign. Also, these signboards come with a brightness regulator system that makes them visible even on the sunniest days.

5.       Screens for smart city

With the rise of smart cities, new digital signboards are being designed. These outdoor LED displays are ideal for promoting good communication with the citizens. Some innovative uses of such outdoor screens are in dynamic route map screens that guide tourists and passengers on road. These screens can also be combined with IoT technology to enable them to advertise only the local businesses within a specific geographic area.


There is no better alternative to outdoor LED screens to send your message across to a large audience. It is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Durability and weather resistance also make outdoor LED screens extremely lucrative investments. LED displays also strengthen your marketing outreach as are dynamic, programmable, and can provide maximum ROI.



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