Transparent LED Window Display

The transparent LED window display is a modern showcase type, with a transparent LED on the front instead of any glass and displays the product inside. This showcase persuades consumers by outlining the exhibited commodity in colourful contrast to its environment of digital contents.



With 95% transparency, the led window display retains an exquisite transparent LED screen. 

Thickness, customisation 

The thickness of the panel is 10mm, so the LED unit panel could be established from the back of the glass and faultlessly integrated with the glass. The size is customisable according to the dimensions of the mirror and retains a slight influence on the light-gathering and clarity of the glass wall. 

Easy to install & maintain 

It’s moreover simple to install and maintain. With all these benefits, the excellent transparent LED window screen is highly desirable in the arena of architectural fora.

Special display

This design essentially reduces the structural unit’s slabs to the view and, at the exact moment, vastly increases the clearness of the glass wall. When an audience stands in a suitable position, the led window display screen can build a special displaying effect– to all the audiences. The images occur to float on the glass wall. 

Suitable for advertisement 

If you exhibit advertisements on our retail window display, you can get free of the excessive bottom color ,and transform the color to dark which doesn't cast  bright when the transparent LED window display is played, almost like it’s vanishing, thus the screen merely exhibits the necessary content. 

This playing technique can vastly reduce light smog and power consumption, over 30% lower than the standard LED screens.

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