Transparent LED Screen Facade

The FACADE, is nothing but the family of semi-transparent screens of curtain that covers glass exteriors inside and outside of skyscrapers.

The facade screen curtain attains multimedia playback and identical brightness to conventional LED video displays at vastly lower pixel pitches. It retains voids between the LED components that enable the screen to obstruct the light and barely partially view the outside. 

The facade screen could turn any tower or building an entire configuration into an incredibly dynamic world.

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Features of led screen façade:


The flexible led screen facade is an extremely smart product that could be utilized not only on a rectangular exterior wall but similarly usable to form distinctive shapes like triangles, circles, rhombus on the building facades.

Rigid LED

With its high resolution, it is adequate for a tiny size of around 30~50 square meters. But at the same time, it is a similarly decent option for large outdoor scale media.

Meanwhile, it maintains the features of clarity, lightweight and narrow design. Additionally, it is IP67 and all-weather tolerable, specializing well under harsh climates.

Transparent LED display

The led screen facade is an indoor, and more excellent resolution led facade screen. It can be beneficial with high-definition pictures and videos.

It retains a low radiance model merely for nighttime, and an outstanding brightness criterion that is viewable for daytime similarly.

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