Transparent Glass LED Wall Display Screen

Our Glass Led Screen is formulated and developed for high-end windows advertisement and in-store consumer experience. The Glass LED Wall employs high viscosity industrial rages glass as base substance and is stirred with the patented integrated-IC technology. This product is considerably wielded for retail glass windows and atrium in contemporary architectures.

Its intrinsic translucence proposes a refreshing and excellent solution for hi-tech settings, engaging audiences and viewers with the efficient use of such technology, assuring that your company, brand or information will just barely be taken notice of, but tough to ignore also.

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Features of glass display screen

Enormous color and maximum transparency

The series retains extremely high translucency, lending means to ultimate effect on any efficient content.

High illumination & High translucency & High resolution

Factual 16 whiles grey scales, maintaining clear tones and contrasts. 

Frameless and Seamless

Frameless layout assembles the screen for seamless playing subjects, no further dividing layers or voids P10 pixel, Brightness is guaranteed up to 4000nits Playing excellent capacity even during daylight. 

Water reluctant and dust invulnerable

The Glass Display Screen is prudent and reliable. IP65, Is waterproof and is dust proof at the same time. 

High transparency

Let the natural light in, we offer 92% clearness, and we assure that your indoor areas will look as brilliant as ever. Indoor openings will dwell bright without unclogged views.

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