Transparent Flexible LED Display - Curved LED Screen

Flexible LED screen series is a lightweight commodity with a tinier pixel pitch of the screen. It subsidizes arc establishment to attain the demand for efficient LED displays. It emphasizes the alluring module to assist front sustenance, the seamless relation, tone higher vibrant range surveillance and so on. It furnishes more originality to the efficient LED display applications. 

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Flexibility and Innovation

The curved led display is flexible for concave and convex formation, adaptable to various patterns and efficiently satisfying diverse demands.

Steady Transition and Vision

Outstanding flexibility and resemblance splitting contraction, the curve is incredibly soft and creaseless.

Lightweight Structure with Convenient Delivery

The weight of the more canine is just 4.2kg and 18.2kg/㎡.

Optional Methods for Installation

Alluring installation or tightening mounting.

High-Efficient Front and Rear Maintenance

The pull maintenance tool enables the module to be discarded from the front and extends convenience maintenance.

Additional Features of curved LED displays:

Competent design and establishment team

Digital LED screens for Indoor & Outdoor usage

Preference of LED pixel pitches vacant from 2mm

Day/ evening auto-adjust illumination functional

CMS with Media player is replenished according to customer control regulations

Capacity to generate digital video sides of any size or structure. 

We will moreover design, generate and establish any corroborative structures that may be desired to ascend the LED screens according to the application safely. 

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