Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best-LED Display

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The world of media and advertising is evolving fast. Today, people are used to experiencing every content in motion not static. This is the reason why most static advertisements are failing to capture the attention of an audience that’s already witnessed a shortening attention span.

It is a wise move to learn about the transparent LED screen and its application for your business.

Let’s talk money first.

Investment in an outdoor LED video wall is long-term which is why you need to be careful. When chosen correctly, such LED displays offer durability and can withstand the harshest weather conditions without failing. Businesses are availing of custom indoor LED display screen solutions to get the most ROI on their advertisement budget.

Next is to understand how to choose the best-LED display. If you are looking for an outdoor LED video wall it’s important to focus on durability as it will have to withstand high levels of humidity and extreme weather conditions. Plus, there are technological aspects to consider to offer the best viewing experience to the customers.

Here is the list of factors you must consider.

Factors to Consider While Choosing LED Display

Size & Purpose

The purpose is important to consider when buying a transparent LED screen as it should be of appropriate size. Suppose you want an outdoor LED video wall for a stadium, then you will need a screen large enough to be viewable from a distance. Not only should the audience be able to view the screen comfortably, but they must also be able to watch it without straining their eyes. This is why any LED display you choose, make sure it has the correct pixel density and contrast ratio to match its size.

Resolution and Brightness 

For clarity and contrast, it is important to choose the indoor LED display screen with the right brightness and resolution. The higher the resolution the clearer will be the visibility within the ambient light. Apart from brightness, the durability of the screen is also an important consideration. As the transparent LED screen will be a long-term investment it is important to ensure the display is waterproof. For outdoor LED video walls make sure it comes with weatherproofing features, sunlight can easily damage the contacts.

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the density of the pixels on an LED screen that directly correlates with resolution. Also known as pitch or dot pitch, the pixel pitch is the distance between the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. It is measured in millimeters. The lesser the pixel pitch the higher will be the clarity and resolution of the LED screen.

You must not be tempted by cheaper LED displays as they have poor pixel pitch. For the best quality and durable LED displays, opt for products that have a lower pixel pitch.


The brightness of the transparent LED screen is measured in candelas per sq. meter or nits. Also known as the luminosity level, the higher the brightness level the pricier will be the display. For outdoor LED video walls, brightness is an important factor as these displays must be visible in sunlight. But, the higher the luminosity level of the screen, the more power it will consume. You can also get custom LED display screens manufactured if you are not able to find a readymade solution.

USB Player

LED screens with a USB player are highly versatile in terms of advertisement applications. You can plug and play content on such screens. Also, they can be remote-controlled which makes them high in demand. You should buy an indoor LED display screen with a USB player.

Installation type 

Depending on the space available to install the LED screen, you should consider the type of installation. While hanging LED screens are advisable for most indoor applications, they can be restrictive in large spaces like stores and malls. For such establishments, standalone transparent LED screen models are better. For marriages, stadiums, and auditoriums wall-mounted or modular outdoor LED video walls are the best.

Specific Requirements

While all the above-mentioned technical specifications are important, you should also pay attention to your specific requirements. If you are planning to use the indoor LED display screen for an amusement park or gadget store, you might want to consider the shape of the display. You can have transparent LED screens in any shape such as domes shape, curved screens, and many more. As the design of the LED screen will have a direct impact on the user experience, it is recommended that you decide accordingly.

Be careful about these factors when you are investing in an LED display. Depending on the purpose of the display, you should purchase a product that can withstand the installation environment without compromising the viewing experience. The selection criteria vary between outdoor and indoor LED displays, which is why research before you make the final decision.



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